Episode 2 – Bucky Barnes with Lindsay Smith

We’re back after just one week for another episode of your new favorite podcast! This week it’s all about the MCU’s break out sensation: Bucky Barnes.

!! This episode contains some spoilers for current Marvel comics! Please proceed with caution if that’s something you’re concerned about !!

I sat down with Lindsay Smith, the author of Sekret, A Darkly Beating Heart, and other novels, and is the showrunner and lead writer for Serial Box’s The Witch Who Came In From the Cold. She organized and edited the Not Without You anthology of Steve & Bucky-related stories, comics, and art, which raised over $80,000 on Kickstarter. She’ll be making her comics debut in the next volume of Strange Romance, and is currently working on her first comics series with illustrator Paul Williams.

Some points of interest: Cold war mythology, universal adaptors for outsider narratives, queer coding the 40s, Sam Wilson is the Dad Friend, and gentle brainwashed assassins.

Some relevant links:
Lindsay on Twitter
“The Ones I’ve Sinned Against” by Dira Sudis
“Red Menace” (WIP) by Lindsay Smith
Captain America: Man Out Of Time on Marvel Unlimited
Captain America by Ed Brubaker Marvel Unlimited
Art by Kaitlin Wadley

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